Why Was I Born, Why Am I Living by Harry W. Kendall

Why was I Born, Why am I livin’?
What do I get, what am I givin’?
Why do I want a thing I daren’t hope for?
What can I hope for? I wish I knew…

I wish I knew–the music and lyrics of this popular show tune from the Oscar Hammerstein II and Jerome Kern song-book is a melodious, though melancholy song. It speaks of sadness from not knowing why one was born, yet longing to know. Judy Garland introduced it as a show tune, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra breathed life into it as a jazz standard, Aretha Franklin gave it soul in the rhythm and blues spirit. And we credit a host other artists, instrumentalists as well as vocalists, for keeping it alive. This song’s focus is on the longing for romantic love. Its theme though, speaks on a broader scale as social commentary to the lives of so many who indeed wonder why they were born and why they are living. Ask yourself the questions: why was I born, why am I living. I hope your answers are in the affirmative. If not, don’t despair, continue reading.

Just as every call and friendly microbe in our bodies have a purpose, each of us has a defining reason for being in this universe at this point in time. I believe every person’s birth, in addition to and from reasons of love, is for a specific purpose. Honoring that objective is satisfying life’s purpose and contributing to the evolution of mankind and womankind. For the lot of us this requires self-inquiry and then realization, which should lead, hopefully sooner than later, to a clear and conscious understanding of our true nature. This is probably as perfect a definition of personal destiny as can be attributed. What is it that you really enjoy doing? And yes, the reasons can and do change as we progress through life, especially for persons whose personality traits become more dominant as the understanding of themselves become clearer. Indeed, from the days of our births universal wisdom and evolutional forces have been propelling each of us in the direction of our destiny even though we might not have been aware. But don’t sweat trying to understand what it means; concentrate more on living a balanced life and let the evolutionary forces of understanding bring results to your consciousness.

A fundamental approach is clear and quiet contemplation or meditating in whatever manner is satisfactory for a sincere desire to know what will keep one forever on the lookout for unmistakable evidence of guidance. Learn to trust intuition. This contributes to the expansion of consciousness; opening oneself to a wide scope of universal knowledge. The energy garnered in this progression will acknowledge sincerity and begin working though the senses. Do not fear lack of ability or lack of skill. Think logically, day dream and sustain focus in a specific direction; the one or more reoccuring choice or choices are suggestions from deep within. Make necessary arrangements to open one’s self to learning and pursue a choice that will surely lean in the direction of supply. Surrender an inflated ego; if necessary satisfy the need for more education and definitely adhere to a constructive lifestyle. This a tried and true approach to achieving one’s destined and desired role in life.

Choose a role-model. Examine the lives of successful people and observe how disciplined and intentional they are. Study how they renounce nonessentials (don’t waste time on foolishness or idleness) and attend to what is important. Note their self confidence. Emulate their manner of possiblity thinking.

Simply because one was born and breathes is not a life sustaining reason for living. Unless one has been terribly bad in violating the laws of nature and self life will be forever supportive. One need not disrupt his or her life in this gentle search. Life is evolutionary; let it become an evolutionary process. It need not be harsh or abrupt. Living a disciplined life will minimize complications and help keep focus. Practice patience and be willing to learn in a progressive manner.

Now, if for no other reason than the sake of this discussion, let’s agree that all of us have a purpose for being here, and that our progression through life is evolutionary, meaning that life is an evolving process–one day evolves into the next. Then it is fundamentally obvious that evolution will fulfill its purpose through any accessible conduit for expression. Many spiritually enlightened and intellectually inclined persons know this and cooperate with life’s plan. They are more likely teachers, administrators, doctors, lawyers, artists, athletes, nurses, ministers, chefs and others. Does this imply all people at these levels or achievement know the reasons for their existence? Hardly, but even though persons enjoying satisfactory lifestyles are not the focal point of this piece, some would surely aspire to greater heights. Or at some point in their careers mostly after retirement they should acknowledge fulfillment of life’s purpose  by giving back to the communities that supported them. Considering that even though we are individuals, we are souls  from the same source, therefore we are compatible. Contribute to the expansion  of a yearning person’s understanding of why he or she was born. Become a role model; showcase one’s expertise for good reason.


One thought on “Why Was I Born, Why Am I Living by Harry W. Kendall

  1. I attended a meeting at the United Nations this week that was led by Evolutionary Leaders tat stated human beings are in need of an evolutionary shift in consciousness if we are to continue to survive in these changing times and you provided some steps n this ongoing process growth in consciousness. Thank you

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