Finding Peace In a Non-peaceful World

Peace is within the grasp of any moderately intelligent person.  Persons mentally challenged or suffering from debilitating afflictions need and should seek professional support. For others whether it is illicit narcotics, indulgence in booze, restricting codes of dogma, and bigotry that are problematic, there are clearly defined practices to correct habitual, harmful and restrictive practices. The antecedents of self-destructive habits–fear, anger, anxiety, arrogance and the complexities of self-rejection–are not born in us; they are the results of mistrusting our inherent inner nature. Seeking a satisfying  degree of tranquility and sustaining it must be enjoyable in its challenge; after interactions with hell, peace cannot become a reality except by an absolute commitment. Any contradiction to this principal automatically creates conflicting blockage. These are the standards, the basics of an essential conviction a person must accept in order to pursue and hold everlasting peace. If peace is an absolute necessity destructive behavior must cease. Compare what will be offered by other choices, whatever they might be, and decide if this is a chosen/desired path.

A non-peaceful world is the seeker-initiate’s own microcosm of chaotic humankind. The first step is commitment to the purpose, an unswavering determination to achieve. This pledge will demand the seeker-initiate accept a principal which in effect is a guide to define the kind of practice desired or at least is attainable; peace of mind, peace for whatever reason, including universal peace. A clear-cut path is essential to begin this journey into the self. Set short term goals, the achievement of which will build confidence. Peace will reveal itself in the form of healing as sooon as the process is a little bit understood and practiced.

Second, create a sacred space. Solitude is necessary. Claim an area entirely devoted to a personalized sanctuary–rooms, part of a room, a corner, the basement, any clean space–where the seeker-initiate’s presence blends as perfectly as can be with the setting. Dress or decorate this ultra-private space with whatever it needs to reflect the initiate’s soul personality, whether it is with blank walls, candles, draperies/curtains, paintings, calming music or sounds, photographs of bright moments and peaceful times. In this space the initiate will practice quieting the senses, filtering thoughts, contemplation and eventually meditation.  The area should be big enough for a neat row of peace books of choice, decorative pillows, a yoga mat or similiar devices, and perhaps blankets. Devote this space to reading peace literature and study in the pursuit of peace. If there is not enough  room for movement in the personalized space select an area close by within sight. This space can be shared, but only with a seeker-initiate whose tastes are close enough to be a soul mate, not necessarily a wife/husband, significant other or a good friend. Peace will become a premium in this sacred space as the initiate learns to communicate with his/her higher self, the perfect power within. Within, peace lies dormant waiting to express.

The initiate will honor the need for a confident/teacher/guru when it arises. Going it alone can become difficult, discouraging and threaten to result in failure. There are many schools at practice in the contemporary world that promote healing in the search for peace. The little known Egyptian and well known Indian traditions contain the wisdom of sages, teachers and gurus that have spread throughout the world. Their pathway is yoga, a tried and proven holistic approach. It involves the study and practice of mending the initiate’s entire lifestyle in navigating to the wisdom deep within. Do not be discouraged by youthful models in yoga books performing unbelievable postures. It is not necessarily hype; there are movements, breathing techniques, meditation, and personalized postures for every yogi (male) and yogini (female).


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